If you enjoy beautiful sceneries and the beauty nature has to offer, then Komnob (Treasure) Tour will sure to satisfy your visual sensation. Our tour provides you to experience Cambodia’s largest lake, Tonle Sap, which is the largest in Southeast Asia. The tour provides an overview of Cambodia’s floating villages, visit historical sites, observe cultural experiences, and taste local foods.

Here is our Tour Package

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Silver (Group Tours)

Child : $20 USD , Adult : $35 USD

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Gold (Group Tours)

Child : $30 USD,Adult : $50 USD

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Platinum (Private Tours)

From 150$/3 persons

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Diamond (Private Tours)

From 240$/3 persons

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Amazing Sanctuary Bird

Amazing Sanctuary Bird (Group) Tours

Child : $80 USD,Adult : $130 USD

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Who we are?

"Amazing Trip Amazing Experience !"

Why we create Komnob airboat tours?

Although there are many places to visit in Cambodia, Siem Reap is the most popular for both local and foreign visitors. Viewed as the 7th wonder, Angkor Wat, and many of the surrounding temples provide a good perspective into Cambodia’s rich history. To get a fuller experience of the Cambodian culture, we offer a journeying through Lake Tonle Sap where you get to visit local villages, see the other splendid scenery of Cambodia, view different wildlife and plants, and taste local foods

The airboat is a very useful transportation tool that can transport people across various terrains, especially in low-level water and grassy areas. Where there is no road, the airboat finds its own paths. Our airboat was built by Mr. Som Samnorp and Mr. Som Samnang. Both brothers are very talented and well versed in running and maintaining the airboats. They came up with the idea of the airboats and modified its use to fit the environment within Lake Tonle Sap. Their vision was to provide a safe, effective way to ensure tourists have the best experience in what Lake Tonle Sap has to offer.

All you need to know about us is that we will take good care of you! We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Our friendly, courteous, English-speaking drivers will make sure that you are comfortable. All our transport cars are equipped with air conditioning. All you have to do is enjoy the moment and make sure to take plenty of pictures.

We thank you for visiting us and we look forward to making your tour a memory of a lifetime!

Here is our team

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Operator Manager

He work as operation in KOMNOB AIRBOAT TOURS starting from 2016 until now. And he has many experience on this role.

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He and his younger brother who is the first men in Cambodia that learned and researched on the online Internet to create producing the Air boats, starting from 2012 until 2015. And start processing on the tour in early 2016 until now to serve tourism. What they vision , want to support the tourism in Cambodia on the water and want to help the kids that they are living in the floating village for the school and for good education by the way we sharing the books pens....depend on income from tourists join our tour service also.

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He is the young brother’s Mr.Samnorp. He is the producer the Airboat and general technicians engineering all the processes of the Airboat. He a person who have excellent experience 15 years with the engine.

Service Group

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Airboat Drivers

Mr.Ty and Mr.Vey they are Airboat driver and they’re have very good experience 3 years with the Airboat. Actually they know clearly about water ways geography on the lake area because they’re grow up in the floating village.

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Mr.Van, he is car driver have experience more than 20 years with every vehicles. He will give you safe trip transfers from hotel to boat station.

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Makara, Hoy

Tours Guide

Mr.Makara and Mr.Hoy who are english speaking tour guide, wonderful experience 5 years ago with tourism. They’re understanding and knowledge that much about living life on the water in the floating village like geography , Season , tradition , culture and water birds living on the Tole Sap lake.

Contact us

Address: Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.
(+855) 092 926 966